Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability in business refers not only to economic performance but also to the two other cornerstones of sustainability: environmental and social responsibility. In addition, based on our Code of Conduct, we always do business in a fair and ethical way.

All the wood fibre we use as raw material is sourced as recycled fibre. All of our products are recyclable for reuse in our own production processes. We focus on energy efficiency as well as reducing environmental impacts such as waste generation and water emission.

Our responsible business operations foster care and respect for people and communities. We take social responsibility for everything we do, paying special attention to sustainable business, human and labour rights, working conditions and other responsibilities regarding our employees and neighbours.

Following our Code of Conduct, we

  • Comply with all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.
  • Promote an ethical work environment and responsibility in business with zero tolerance for fraudulent activities.
  • Cooperate with our stakeholders in an honest, open-minded, and non-discriminatory way, supporting free and fair competition.
  • Compete and do business based only on quality and competence with zero tolerance for corrupt activities.
  • Never provide or accept improper gifts, hospitality, or expenses.
  • Ensure that payments of rebates and other retrospective refunds or credits are paid to the correct party and comply fully with all anti-money laundering laws throughout the world.
  • Communicate clearly and on time.
  • Expect all our employees to promptly raise concerns about potential violations of our business principles.

This is the Corenso way of working, and we expect all of our partners and stakeholders to adhere to the same principles and level of service.

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